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Updated Appropriations 101

Note: We have updated this paper, please see the latest Appropriations 101
Christine Lagarde

The IMF Looks at Budget Institutions in G-20 Countries

The International Monetary Fund recently published a study on budget instituti

New Poll Finds Broad Support for Comprehensive Debt Plan

The Campaign to Fix the Debt has recently released

$518 Billion? Inside the White House/Senate Negotiation's Math

Although Congress itself had been out of session prior to this week, some news last week came as the latest talks between the White House and a sma

What Would a Mini-Bargain Look Like?

A New York Times piece today lays out a possible "mini-bargain" to move past the debt ceiling and expiration of government fundi

IMF Emphasizes Need Smarter Deficit Reduction Strategy

After finishing its preliminary annual review of the U.S., the